Welcome to Kraljevica, a town and harbor 26 km south of Rijeka on the road towards Split. Kraljevica lies in the Vinodolski channel, at the entrance to the Bakarski bay, on a slightly inclined slope, in an area of favorable climate. Although it is not a very old town, its harbor and shipyard are well-known. Since the 19th century, it has been a famous tourist destination with luxurious villas and swimming beaches. The sandy and pebble beaches on the Ostro peninsula are the main tourist attractions, while the nearby bays of Scott and Dubno also have wonderful beaches. A well-equipped campsite surrounded by pine trees is not far away. Kraljevica is easily accessible from all directions and we recommend it to families with children and, due to its favorable climate, to those with respiratory problems and allergies. Besides the swimming beaches and the diverse gastronomic specialties, Kraljevica also offers a variety of sporting activities and entertainment: sailing, diving courses, water sports, many cultural events and much more.